‘Springers’ foundation course

The right start to create and maintain a lifelong love of music! Our KS1 music foundation course involves singing, percussion and recorder in broad ranging introduction to music intended to give young children the basic skills that will enable them to learn an instrument quickly and musically.

Pre-schoolNano-SpringersSaturday, 10-10.30
ReceptionMicro-SpringersSaturday, 9-9.45
Year 1Mini-SpringersSaturday, 9-9.45
Year 2Springers SingersSaturday, 9-9.45
Year 2Springers RecordersSaturday, 10-10.45


From the earliest days to the peak of perfection, CMA orchestras offer progression and accomplishment. The youngest groups are supported and encouraged by adult and senior student mentors. The Symphony Orchestra is the pinnacle of orchestral achievement, representing the CMA in competitions. They have performed three times in the Schools Proms.

Beg-Grade 1String StarsSaturday, 9-10
Grade 2-3StringchroniseSaturday, 9-10
Grade 4-5SinfoniaSaturday, 9-10.15
Grade 7+Symphony OrchestraFriday, 6.15-7.45
Grade 6-8+String OrchestraFriday, 5-6


No child needs an instrument to make music! Choral singing is the first step to developing the all-round musician. We at the CMA believe that all students can and should sing, developing a sense of pitch, rhythm and phrasing through fun action songs in the early stages through to complex and challenging choral singing of the highest standard.

School YearChoirDay/Time
Year 3Springboard ChoirSaturday, 11-11.45
Year 4-5VocaliseSaturday, 11-12
Year 6-8VocusFriday, 4.45-5.45
Year 9-13Youth ChoirSaturday, 10.30-12


Buzzing with dynamism, the earliest bands encourage young players to grow in confidence in an atmosphere of enthusiastic support. The concert band is the flag-ship band of the CMA, consistently achieving Platinum awards in National Concert Band Festivals.

Beg-Grade 1Blast Off!Friday 5.45-6.30
Grade 2-3Supersonic!Friday 6.15-7.15
Grade 4-5Academy Wind BandFriday 6.15-7.30
Grade 6-7Symphonic Wind BandFriday, 8-9.30
Grade 7+Concert BandFriday, 8-9.30


Grade 3-5Jazz BandTuesday, 6.15-7.15
Grade 6-8+Big BandTuesday, 7.30-8.30

Musical Theatre

Learn to sing your favourite musical theatre numbers from professionals who understand safe vocal production and development. Whether you want a part in the school musical or just to sing in the shower, whatever floats your Show-Boat, nurture your inner-star!

Year 5-8ShowstoppersTuesday, 5-6
Year 9-13MT VoicesTuesday, 6-7
NEW – from September 2023

Rock & Pop

Come alone or with friends – we’ll help you to build your band and develop the songs you want to perform. Vocals – Guitar – Bass Guitar – Keyboards – Drums all welcome!

Year 6-13Rock & PopTuesday, 4.45-6
NEW – from September 2023


A precursor to learning a woodwind instrument? Recorder playing can be so much more. CMA recorder groups continue right through, exposing young players to fabulous early music repertoire and modern chamber music.

Beginners Y2Springers RecordersSaturday, 10-10.45
Beginners/Improvers Y3-5Recorder RacersSaturday, 10-10.45
ElementaryJunior RecordersSaturday, 10.15-11
IntermediateRecorder EnsembleFriday, 5.30-6.15


Year 5-8Percussion PioneersFriday, 5.45-6.30

Theory and Musicianship

Highly recommended for our Find Your Forte students, Music Explorers teaches children the theory and musicianship skills they need to understand music-making through fun and engaging musical games, experiences and projects.

For students preparing for ABRSM exams, grade 5 theory is a requirement for grade 6 and above.

Year 3-6Music ExplorersSaturday, 10-10.45
Grade 4-5Theory WarriorsSaturday, 10.15-11