Teacher Talk

It’s back – an acclaimed series of training opportunities for teachers and musicians!

Conducting Workshop

with RAF Director of Music Chris I’Anson

Friday 27th September 6-9.30pm, and

Saturday 28th September 9am-3pm

for any interested would-be conductor!

£50 for 9.5 hours

Register at Little Box Office

A concise conducting course for musicians and music teachers with all levels of experience to develop their knowledge and practical application of conducting.

The course includes taught modules and some discussion, the main focus being on the practical experience of conducting live musicians. It includes supervised conducting in a friendly and constructive learning environment. Conductors can elect which groups to conduct and which to observe.

Delegates can also choose to attend as an observer only – the benefits of watching others can be very helpful to one’s own development.

Learn how to get the best from your group at all levels, including:

  • Getting players to engage with the conductor
  • Warmups
  • Starting the sound, counting in
  • Influencing and shaping the sound – dynamics, articulation, phrasing, balance
  • Physical gesture versus spoken instruction
  • Baton technique
  • Use of language (musical rather than technical)
  • Rehearsal technique
  • When to do more and when to do less

Click here for the full course schedule.

Chris is a Director of Music for the Royal Air Force and conducts one of CMA’s young orchestras, Sinfonia.
A former freelance musician and peripatetic teacher, Chris has over 25 years of experience conducting ensembles, bands and orchestras of all levels: from young musicians in their first week of learning an instrument through to massed bands of professional players in concert halls throughout the world. Chris has extensive experience of conducting community bands, school bands and orchestras. He is passionate about conducting and keen to help others get the very best out of the musicians they have the privilege to conduct.

The Affiliated Teachers Scheme

The CMA Affiliated Teachers Scheme offers respected local music teachers a network of mutual support and promotion, including student referrals and CPD opportunities. We do not charge any fees for affiliation.

The scheme is for all music teachers – primary and secondary classroom teachers and heads of music, instrumental and singing teachers.

If you are interested in becoming affiliated to the CMA community,  please complete a simple online form HERE.

To ask any questions, or to find out more about CMA and our activities, just drop an email to the office. We can arrange for you to visit us on a Friday or Saturday to see how we may benefit your students, or to meet the CMA team and explore the possibility of working with us in the future.