Vision and Values

Chiltern Music Academy is an independent centre of vibrant community music making. It was formed in July 2014 by a group of parents and music professionals passionate about the development of musicianship. A carefully designed series of activities gives young musicians aged 4-19 every chance to fulfil their potential in an atmosphere of encouragement and fun.


  • We welcome all young musicians in the Chilterns
  • We play the music that we love together in a community of friends
  • We strive for excellence at every level
  • We encourage each child to grasp the opportunities available to them to fulfil their musical potential

What is different about CMA?

  • Independence:
    •  Immune to government cuts and free to explore new initiatives in music making
  • Community:
    • Governed, managed and supported by parents
    • Student voice encouraged  through a student council
    • Senior students involved in mentoring and governance
  • Excellence:
    • A comprehensive Student Development Programme, beginning in Key Stage 1
    • A range of performance opportunities, from the informal to the inspirational
    • Strong links with notable external bodies to extend our best players and singers
  • Accessibility:
    • Geographically: across the whole of Wycombe and the surrounding areas
    • Academically: across a range of abilities and disabilities
    • Financially: keeping membership fees low and offering bursaries where possible