Springers! (age 3-7)

The Springers programme gives your child a strong musical foundation, developing their exploration, appreciation and understanding of music. Each class is tailored to the needs and musical growth of your child, gradually introducing new techniques and concepts from year to year. Your child can join the programme at any stage. The children grow in confidence as the progressive curriculum prepares them for learning an instrument. The fun, supportive atmosphere encourages new friendships to form as each child makes a friend of music – and that is a friend for life!

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All Springers classes take place on Saturday mornings in term time, at Wycombe High School.


Pre-school, 30 minutes

Nano-Springers explore music in a warm and creative setting and in the reassuring presence of their parents:

  • Beat and rhythm through movement and games
  • Phrasing and a healthy vocal technique through song
  • Instruments of the orchestra to hold, touch and try

A child-centred, practical approach encourages confidence, discovery and understanding.


Reception, 45 minutes

Micro-Springers now start to engage with core musical concepts:

  • Rhythmic patterns through percussion
  • Pitch and interval through singing
  • Immersive exposure to orchestral instruments
  • The language of music and Italian terms

You can expect lots of percussion, dancing and games in this class!


Year 1, 45 minutes

Mini-Springers start to unlock musical notation and terminology while enhancing their appreciation of music:

  • Interpreting emotion in music
  • Communicating emotion and story through performance
  • Learning treble clef notation
  • Mastering scale and interval with tuned percussion

Mini-Springers continue to interact with orchestral instruments through special live events.


Year 2, one or two 45 minute classes – Springers Singers and/or Springboard Recorders

Springers can now apply everything they have learned to their musical performance:

  • Reading music
  • Creatively exploring their voice
  • Playing their first woodwind instrument – the recorder

 When they graduate, Springers have the foundation they need on which to build a rich musical future!

Costs per term:

  • Nano -Springers £75
  • Micro – Springers £75
  • Mini – Springers £75
  • Springers – one class £75, two classes £105