Theory and General Musicianship

Many children enjoy understanding the intricacies of how music works. As part of our development programme, we offer theoretical and practical ways for our students to explore the wonder of music in a creative environment. These lessons are available to all.

Music Explorers

A ground-breaking musicianship class for children in year 3-6. Students explore music through a creative and practical approach including movement, singing and playing tuned and untuned percussion instruments. Improvisation and exploration allow children to understand how music functions and is put together, with a focus of understanding the music through sound before symbol.

This class is offered at no extra charge for members.

Theory Warriors

Children need grade 5 theory to be able to enter for ABRSM exams of grade 6 and above, but it should really be learned gradually. It’s important to ensure that your child’s theory knowledge matches their performance ability level as they progress. Theory Warriors tackle the elements of theory one at a time, preparing the students for the exam. Students from year 4 upwards are elligible for the class, and are streamed by age and experience.

Theory lessons are provided at a cost of £75 per term (2024/25.)