Money Matters

Come and join CMA!

Membership Fee (2024-25)Per Term
Full Membership£105
Mini-Membership (for Nano, Micro and Mini-Springers)£75
Lesson Membership (if you learn at CMA but do not attend any groups. This fee covers room hire and admin.)£25, collected by your teacher

The membership fee of £105 for each ten week term enables you to participate fully in any CMA groups for which you are suited.

These membership fees cover approximately 70% of CMA’s running costs, and are supplemented by ticket sales, general fundraising (tuck shop, merchandise, etc) and donations. CMA use ParentPay for collecting fees, for trips and tours and for collecting permission where needed for special activities. Each term when you pay your membership fee, you will have the opportunity to add a donation.

We request a half-terms notice of intention to leave CMA in order that group organisation can be managed.

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Are there any extra costs?

Not for most members. You will only incur extra costs if:

Full details can be found by clicking on each cost element.

What if I cannot pay?

No child should be excluded from making music for financial reasons. Please approach the Principal in confidence to request a bursary, or email