Find Your Forte!

Starting out on a new instrument is such an exciting time for a child, but to parents it can feel uncertain and costly. Find Your Forte takes the risk out of the process, providing FREE group instrumental lessons for up to a year with FREE instrument hire to keep the costs right down.

We are grateful to the SCOPS Arts Trust for supporting the Find Your Forte Programme.

CategoryInstrumental Group LessonsAgeStarting
StringsViolin, Viola, Cello, Double Bassyear 3-6September 2024
Brass:Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone, French Hornyear 4-6Please
Woodwind:Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoonyear 4-6apply online
Your child can choose from the above instruments

Try an instrument

Choosing the right instrument is really important, so we warmly invite you to try them out and talk to the experts about which one suits your child the best. Instruments trials will be held at CMA on 18 May (fully booked) or 15 June, 8.45-10.30am at Wycombe High School, HP11 1TB. Click HERE for full details.

Group lessons are available for children in school year 3-6. Children mature at different rates, both physically and academically. String players often need to start playing early whereas wind and brass players need to grow into their instrument. Our teachers will advise which instrument would suit your child and when would be the right time for them to start.

Support classes included

Find Your Forte classes take place at Wycombe High School on Saturday Mornings in term time. A range of activities to support your child’s learning are included in the membership fee, and we encourage Find Your Forte students to participate:

9amFind Your ForteLearn how to play your instrument in a small group with an expert teacher.
10amMusic Explorers ORMusic Explorers is recommended for beginners with limited musical experience. It provides music foundation through song, instrumental playing, listening, responding, collaborating, creative projects and music theory concepts.
10amRecordersLearning to read and play music, to breathe, to phrase and to play in a group. Springboard Recorders for beginners, Recorder Racers if your child has played before, Junior Recorders if your child can play a D major scale and read music fluently. Ask if you need advice!
11amChoirsSinging develops pitch recognition, breath control and musicality, and is the best place to get to know the other students. The choirs are age banded by school year group.

The whole programme, including instrument hire, is included in the membership fee (£105 per term in 2024/25). Members taking up a second orchestral instrument will pay only £75 per term for lessons in addition to their membership fee. Don’t let financial pressures stop your child from learning an instrument- bursaries are available if you can’t pay.

Please contact the office to sign up for this amazing opportunity, or for more information.